Monday, May 17, 2010


                                                                  Concorde Square

                                                            The Obelisk of Luxor at Concorde Square

                                                                     Bastille square

                                                                     Louvre Museum

                                                           Museum of decorative arts

                                                                        Musée d'Orsay

                                                                Opera Garnier-Grand Escalier

Region: Europe
Area Total: 674,843 km2
Coast Line: Mediterranean Sea,North Sea,Atlantic Ocean
Capital: Paris

Tourist Attractions in France
France has some of the most beautiful and lively cities and tourist attractions in the world. These sites not only play host to descending tourists and curious travelers, they also shield the raw beauty of unexplored regions and unique fests from the rest of the world. With TSI Holidays outbound tourist packages, you can explore the famous with the lesser known attractions and events on your tour to France and its cities.
The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Church, museums and galleries, walks along the canals, houseboat cruises, beach sports, water sports, island tours, winter sports in the Alps and Pyrenees, a game of boules on the street, walks through the Paris streets are just some of the attractions that draw people to France. The rolling slopes and vineyards of Champagne, the farmlands of Normandy, the historic sites at Lorraine and Strasbourg, the Celtic heritage of Brittany (a coastal town), the Gothic Cathedrals and green pastures in the medieval town of Burgundy, the châteaux and churches in the volcanic city of Auvergne, the French Alps of Rhone and the grand palaces and gorge in the Loire Valley are some other places that you may visit with TSI Holidays outbound packages for France.
Eiffel Tower in Paris
French Alps in Rhone
Annual Film festival in Cannes
Thorens Glières' Castle
Wine Tours in Burgundy
Paris Museum Tour


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