Friday, May 21, 2010

Shrek Forever After: The Game (2010/NTSC/ENG)
Console | XBOX360 | Activision | Adventure | 7.3 GB
Shrek became a model family man. He raises three children and completely lost its former military temper. Now no one is afraid of Shrek - farmers are lining up, that he signed them to the fork and return to familiar fakely.Stremyas his life, Shrek makes a deal with a dwarf Rumpelshtiltshenom. As a result, Shrek finds himself in a parallel reality and recognize that were it not for the light of the previous Shrek - the donkey would carry the cart, the cat has sold his sword, and Rumpelshtiltshen tucked to the whole kingdom.

Released: 2010
Genres: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person / For Kids
Developer: XPEC Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Region: NTSC
Publication Type: license
Firmware: iXtreme 6-th wave (iXtreme 1.61 ==> under iXtreme 1.2-1.6 must patch!)
Language: English
Platform: XBOX360
Size: 7,3 GB

- Famous characters. You will meet with all the heroes of the previous parts of the cartoon, as well as get acquainted with new actors. Donkey, Puss in Boots, Shrek, Princess Fiona, Sleeping Beauty and many others will raise the mood for its unforgettable jokes!
- Unique receptions. Each character is endowed with unique abilities. Only joint efforts will enable friends to defeat the usurper, to live happily ever after. Power ogre Shrek, Excalibur King Arthur, Fiona, and combat techniques "branded" tricks the other characters will catch the enemy off guard!
- Two dozen bright scenes. Adventure zavedut heroes not only familiar but also in completely new places for them. Surrounding Academy, pirate ship, castle Evil Queen - some episodes are created specifically for the game and not shown in the cartoon!
- Serious opponents. Shrek and his friends have to face with powerful villains. Battle with each of them - an event! The Prince and his cronies will bring a lot of trouble, but with your help, the heroes succeed.
- Poraskinte brains. Friends do not achieve the cherished goal of relying solely on force. On their way a lot of original puzzles and challenging tasks, which require a quick wit and imagination.
- For sale bonuses! For the kingdom of Far Far Away scattered coins you can buy new costumes for the characters, open additional characters and even gain access to the sparkling sayings Pinocchio!
- Six modes of collective game. Go into the world of Far Far Away Kingdom together with friends. Choose between six thrilling rides: Attack of the Castle, Shrekbord, Grazing Frog, Tyre, jumping in the catacombs and boarding the Ship. Find out who among you is worthy of the title of Good Cannibal!






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