Friday, July 2, 2010


Just the day before we had updated you about a crazy female admirer biting Imran Khan’s hand during a promotional event for IHLS last Saturday in Dubai.
When we asked Imran about the same, he instantly replied,
‘It was at a night club in Dubai. The whole thing was taken out of context. I was shaking hands with a lot of people outside. She held my hand and was trying to pull me. I don’t think she was trying to hurt me.’ Sonam cheekily added, ‘She just took the chocolate boy tag too seriously.’
On being asked what his girlfriend, Avantika Malik had to say about the biting episode, Imran quite candidly said, ‘She was very happy. According to her, the more female fans that I have, the more successful I will be.’
Imran’s first film, JAANE TU YA JAANE NA released on 4th July, 2008, and now IHLS is releasing on 2nd July. Does the month July have anything to do behind the stars success???
Well with the release of I HATE LUV STORYS, we will soon come to know if the July factor proves second time lucky for Imran.


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