Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Premature Wrinkling of Skin  Tobacco use has been     
associated with premature aging and skin wrinkling.  Before undergoing cosmetic surgery for wrinkles one should suspend tobacco use.


Facial Burn from SmokingIf careless, cigarettes can cause life threatening fires.  To the right is a picture of a patient who was smoking a cigarette while using home oxygen to treat his chronic obstructive lung disease.

Over 90% of laryngeal cancers are caused by smoking.

Lung Cancer:  Smoking causes 87% of all lung cancer cases.

Oral and Esophageal Cancer:

Stomach Cancer:  It has been estimated that 14 to 28%   
of stomach cancer deaths are caused by smoking

    Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Stroke.  Nicotine, the major drug in tobacco constricts blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and the work of the heart.

    Chronic Hoarseness and Laryngeal Polyps  Chronic smokers often develop a persistent hoarse voice with edema of the larynx and formation of vocal cord polyps.

    Poor Sex Life:  Smoking is a major factor in impotence


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