Monday, May 10, 2010

Rey Mysterio: 619

Review: The MAIN PART of the DVD goes for approximately 67 minutes. It begins with his WWE colleagues giving their opinions on Rey & we head straight into his injury angle with A-Train toward the end of 2002. Of course, this was a real knee injury that Rey already had & the purpose of screening this was to show Rey in hospital. This includes actual footage of his knee scope. We then go to Mexico where Rey's parents, friends & first promoter are spoken to. He takes us to the gym/ring he first trained on, and speaks generally about the differences of life in Mexico compared to the USA. Rey then briefly reflects about his early years as a professional wrestler (his first match was at the age of 15), Konnan getting him into AAA & then WCW. This part is done way too quickly as we immediately see footage of Mysterio's WCW debut against Dean Malenko in June-'96, and his subsequent cruiser weight title win against the same opponent the following month. Next in detail is Rey's excellent feud with Eddie Guerrero, including their Halloween Havoc '97 match, which I'll talk more on later. That was a 'mask vs title' match, which leads Rey to speak about the importance of the mask to Mexican wrestlers such as himself. But again, a huge jump is made. This time to WWE's purchase of WCW & the effect it had on Rey's career. Over a year later on July-25, 2002, Rey Mysterio made his WWE debut in a match against Chavo Guerrero. But before detailing his WWE career, we go for a tour through Rey's house. The man's got a whole home in his master bedroom alone!!! A look at his memorabilia room is also fascinating. But back to the WWE we go, as his great singles feud with Kurt Angle is highlighted (footage of their SummerSlam match is shown), as is his tag-team run with Edge, which finally resulted with a SmackDown title win in October over Benoit & Angle. Back to life, as we see Rey getting his 619 tattoo on his arm. The remainder of the main part of the DVD highlights Rey's return from injury, his 2003 focus on the cruiser weight title (which he won after the DVD was released) & some more comments about him from his WWE colleagues. In conclusion, the main part of this DVD is like many others the WWE have already put out. It jumps all over the place & conveniently misses out huge portions of the superstars career (the WWE showed no footage of Rey's face at all. Sometimes it was blurred out). There was no Filthy Animals or losing his mask. It is still worth a watch, especially anything referring to Rey's personal life & the parts shot in Mexico. Luckily however, any negatives can be forgiven, as the strengths of this DVD were always going to be the extras, all 2 hours of them. EXTRAS: with Heavy Metal & Latin Lover vs Psicosis, Fuerza Guerrera & Louie Spicoli. AAA When Worlds Collide. November 13, 1994: This was a fascinating 13 minute match from the Mexican promotion's pay-per-view. Not only do you get to see Rey wrestling at age 19, but also the popular 6 man style match commonly held in Mexico. Entertaining & Mysterio is a big part of it. vs Dean Malenko. Great American Bash. June 16, 1996: Rey's WCW debut is an entertaining clash of styles. Malenko works on Rey's arm for practically the entire match. This psychological war is probably a little too slow-paced for most of it's 18 minute length, but it's still a decent enough debut. Unfortunately, you have to put up with Dusty Rhodes' commentary!!! vs Psicosis. Bash At The Beach. July 7, 1996: This match took place on the night of Hulk Hogan's legendary NWO heel turn. Excellent 15 minute bout which really established Rey in WCW. A couple of excellent top rope to outside moves are included, while in the ring, there is enough of a mixture of fast-paced & submission moves to keep everyone satisfied. A terrific ending caps off a truly excellent match. vs Dean Malenko. Nitro. July 8, 1996: Held outdoors in Orlando, this was far from a perfect match, but is a favorite of mine. It took place approximately when I was getting back into the world of professional wrestling & was the match that made me notice that the WWE had a genuine contender on it's hands in WCW. The bout is entertaining, exciting & unpredictable, as Rey wins his 1st cruiser weight title. I just love Malenko's top-rope gut-buster when he does it to Mysterio!!! vs Eddie Guerrero. Halloween Havoc. October 26, 1997: Rey wins his 2nd cruiser weight title in this "mask vs title" match, which is as close to perfect as any fan could hope for. Top notch in so many ways; Heel to face interaction, pacing, psychology, mat-wrestling, aerial wrestling, intensity, excitement, entertainment & unpredictability. I could probably go on!!! In my opinion, one of the five best matches I have ever seen. If anything, at 14 minutes in length, it could have been 5 minutes longer. Then again, it could have been 2 hours longer for all I care!!! NOTE: Anytime during this match, if you continue pressing "skip to next track", you should see many of the WWE's "He's Coming" promos before Rey's debut. vs Chris Jericho. Bash At The Beach. July 13, 1998: Average 6 minute No Disqualification cruiser weight title match, where Rey was an impromptu opponent for Jericho. This was his return bout after months on the sidelines due to knee surgery. Sloppy & predictable, it took place in Rey's hometown of San Diego. vs Chavo Guerrero. SmackDown. July 23, 2002: Very good & under-rated match which was Rey's WWE debut. Served it's purpose in exciting the crowd with a new performer on the roster very well, although it was a little short at under 7 minutes in length.

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