Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you paying for downloading Movies, Music, Ring tone, Picture for cost? Now!!! It’s completely free of cost just hacking the Airtel live form your phone itself.

To activate your aritel live go to Airtel GPRS setting in this blog. Or call customer care they will help you.Once Airtel live is activated… Its time to hack..

Step 1: Go to Airtel live home page.

Step 2: Select the content that you want to that page you will see the following
Content type : Animation
Download at Rs 15<- Do not click this Airtel will charge you Current Rating:4.38 Change Gift this Content Recommend this Content What others Downloaded

This is the place you have to be careful.
I done all this hacking in my nokia N73

Guide for Nokia users.

Step 3: Go to Option--> Find--> Web Address.

A new window will open with all the Web address from the selected content.

Step4: Select the web address that directly points "Download at Rs 15"

it is like this:


step5: Go to option--> Copy(Which copy the address that we selected)

Step6: Now Go back ( which take you to content page)

step7: option-->Navigation option--> Go to web address

Step8: Paste that address in address box.

Step9: Now you have to edit that address like


only change is look at the id=454054 Change it to id=1499769 thats it.

Step 10: now click to go... See the surprise

Note: if you get " there is an gate way error" Try again... it will work...


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